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Saujanya manufacturers and exporters in the sectors of pigments, plastic, textile dyes/dyestuff, natural/synthetic food colours and chemical intermediates. We believe in creating a unique image with our customers by providing the highest quality, cost effective products and services.

Solvent Dyes

We manufacture a wide range of solvent dyes like solvent yellow, red, blue, black, orange, violet and green for export & supply to various industries. They are complex dyes of high quality and offer superior solubility in many organic solvent systems including polar solvents and hydrocarbon based formulations. The solvent dyes are manufactured in a highly controlled and monitored process to ensure best quality products are achieved. Product quality is being maintained all through the manufacturing process by thorough quality inspections as well as end line quality testing. These dyes are extensively used in fuel, oil lubricant, grease, wax and plastics colorations. The formulations are highly concentrated colorants, available in both liquid and powder form in different colours like solvent yellow(7, 21, 82, 33, 43), solvent red(8, 49, 111, 122), solvent orange(8, 62), solvent blue(4, 36, 38, 48), solvent black(27, 29), solvent violet(8, 9), solvent green(3, 7) and many more.

With the formulation made in high concentrations, it requires lower quantities of the product to achieve full effect. Being a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of solvent dyes and chemicals from India, our solvent dyes have high heat stability and therefore maintain their physical and chemical characteristics in applications such as gear transmission fluid and engine lubricants, where they are exposed to a lot of heat. Wax applications of the solvent dyes include manufacturing of candles, shoe polish, lamp oils and beeswax. Solvent dyes are also well used in plastics including PET, acrylic, polystyrenes, nylon polyamides and many other polymers and resins.
Colour Name of Solvent Dyes C. I. Hue Name EEC No. COA MSDS
Solvent Yellow 2 11020 60-11-7
Solvent Yellow 7 11800
Solvent Yellow 14 12055 842-07-9
Solvent Yellow 16 12700 4341-14-1
Solvent Yellow 18 12740
Solvent Yellow 33 47000 8003-22-3
Solvent Yellow 56 11021 2481-94-9
Solvent Yellow 72 61813-98-7
Solvent Yellow 93
Solvent Red 1 12150
Solvent Red 23 26100 85-86-9
Solvent Red 24 26105 85-83-6
Solvent Red 49 45170:1
Solvent Red 111 60505
Solvent Red 207 61701
Solvent Orange 2 12100
Solvent Orange 7 12140
Solvent Blue 4 44045:1
Solvent Blue 35 61554 17354-14-2
Solvent Blue 36 61551 14233-37-5
Solvent Blue 38
Solvent Black 5 50415
Solvent Black 7 50415B
Solvent Green 3 61565 128-80-3
Solvent Green 7
Solvent Violet 8 42535:1
Solvent Violet 13 6371-55-7
Solvent Black 29 pdf pdf
Solvent Blue 70 pdf pdf
Solvent Brown 43 pdf pdf
Solvent Red 8 pdf pdf
Solvent Red 119 pdf pdf
Solvent Red 122 pdf pdf
Solvent Red 127 pdf pdf
Solvent Yellow 21 pdf pdf
Solvent Black 27 pdf pdf
Solvent Blue 48 pdf pdf
Solvent Orange 62 pdf pdf
Solvent Yellow 62 pdf pdf
Solvent Red 218 pdf pdf