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Saujanya manufacturers and exporters in the sectors of pigments, plastic, textile dyes/dyestuff, natural/synthetic food colours and chemical intermediates. We believe in creating a unique image with our customers by providing the highest quality, cost effective products and services.

Organic Pigment Powders

The organic pigment powders are made up of highly concentrated loose colours with ingredients that adhere well to various surfaces. They are used in industries such as textile, paints, EVA rubber, plastics and ink manufacturing as well as in crayons production. Organic pigments are useful in creation of mild wash colours and never streak while in usage. The organic pigment powders are also used in production of paints and colouring materials such as pastels, chalks, coloured pencils, enamels and acrylic oils. They can be mixed with various binding agents as well as used with colour concrete, plastic resins, wood putties and epoxy paints.

There is a complete range of organic pigment powders that come in a wide range of colours and hues like alpha blue pigment and beta blue pigment, pigment green, phthalocyanine blue pigments, yellow, orange red and violet for various application requirements. The individual pigments are named uniquely to represent the differences in the chemical and physical properties. These organic pigment powders are non-toxic to the skin and to the environment. There is an advanced quality assurance process done with sophisticated laboratory equipments aimed at ensuring quality products to be delivered to the clients by one of India’s leading dyes and organic pigments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. This makes the products that we offer to be highly effective, concentrated and gives amazing results in all their applications.

Colour Name of Product C. I. Hue Name EEC No.
Pigment Alpha Blue 15:0 Pigment Alpha Blue 15:0 74160
Pigment Alpha Blue 15:1 Pigment Alpha Blue 15:1 74160:1
Pigment Beta Blue 15:3 Pigment Beta Blue 15:3 74160:3
Pigment Beta Blue 15:4 Pigment Beta Blue 15:4 74160:4
Pigment Green G Pigment Green 7 74260
Pigment Green B Pigment Green 8 10006
Pigment Yellow G Pigment Yellow 1 11680
Pigment Yellow 10 G Pigment Yellow 3 11710
Pigment Yellow G Pigment Yellow 12 21090
Pigment Yellow AX Pigment Yellow 13 21100
Pigment Yellow OT Pigment Yellow 14 21095
Pigment Yellow GG Pigment Yellow 17 21105
Pigment Yellow 65 Pigment Yellow 65 11740
Pigment Yellow 5GX Pigment Yellow 74 11741
Pigment Yellow 5GX Pigment Yellow 74 11741
Pigment Yellow 83 Pigment Yellow 83 21108
Pigment Yellow 174 Pigemnt Yellow 174 21098
Pigment Di Nitraniline Orange Pigment Orange 5 12075
Pigment Orange G Pigment Orange 13 21100
Pigment Orange R Pigment Orange 34 21115
Pigment Red F2R Pigment Red 2 12310
Pigment Toludine Red Pigment Red 3 12120
Pigment Red F4R Pigment Red 8 12335
Pigment Nephthol Red Light Pigment Red 22 12315
Pigment Red 23 Pigment Red 23 12355
Pigment Scarlet BBN Pigment Red 48:1 15865:1
Pigment Red F2B Pigment Red 48:2 15865:2
Pigment Red BBS Pigment Red 48:3 15865:3
Pigment Suthol Red Pigment Red 49:1 15630:1
Pigment Red 49:2 Pigment Red 49:2 15630:2
Pigment Lake Red CT Pigment Red 53 15585
Pigment Lake Red C Pigment Red 53:1 15585:1
Pigment Rubine Tonner Pigment Red 57:1 15850:1
Pigment Red 60:1 Pigment Red 60:1
Pigment Maroon Toner Pigment Red 63:1 15880
Pigment Red BB Pigment Red 112 12370
Pigment Carmine FB Pigment Red 146 12485
Pigment Red 170 Pigment Red 170 12475
Pigment Violet RL Pigment Violet 23 51319