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Saujanya manufacturers and exporters in the sectors of pigments, plastic, textile dyes/dyestuff, natural/synthetic food colours and chemical intermediates. We believe in creating a unique image with our customers by providing the highest quality, cost effective products and services.

Acid Dyes

Acid dyes are utilised in the process of dyeing and colouring protein and animal fibres like wool, nylon, fabric and silk. They have high wash fastness which provides best colour quality. Our Acid dyes are in high demand and used in bulk quantities in textile dyeing, printing, leather, wool coating and ink industries. The complex structure, large aromatic molecules, and water-soluble anionic property of acid dyes enhance the solubility and help them stick well with cationic groups in fibre for long lasting effect.

We can provide following type of Acid Dyes:

  • 1:1 Metal Complex Dyes
  • 1:2 Metal Complex Dyes
  • Acid Milling Dyes
  • Acid Levelling Dyes

Being a prestigious acid dyes manufacturer & exporter, we are committed to providing high-quality Acid Dyes in synchronization with the best industry standards. Our Dyes are precisely processed using optimum grade chemical compounds and advanced technology. These acid dyes are available in brown, black, yellow, orange, red, violet, green, blue and many other basic to advanced colours, with uniform composition, long shelf life, and various packaging options in bags, boxes or drums. The manufactured dyes are tested by our quality control department in our first class laboratories with the latest equipment. Our acid dyes are high quality and our are compliant with light fastness, washing fastness and heat fastness methods of testing Acid Dyes. They are easy to use, safe, do not fade on frequent washing. These dyes are availed to our clients at industry best prices.

Name of the Product Colour COA MSDS
Acid Brown 14 PDF
Acid Brown 75 PDF
Acid Brown 83 PDF PDF
Acid Brown 97
Acid Brown 98
Acid Brown 161
Acid Brown 165 PDF PDF
Acid Brown 188
Acid Brown 214 PDF PDF
Acid Brown 282 PDF
Acid Brown 348 PDF PDF
Acid Brown 349
Acid Brown 355 PDF
Acid Brown 365 PDF
Acid Brown 402 PDF
Acid Brown 420
Acid Brown 425 PDF
Acid Black 1 PDF PDF
Acid Black 2 PDF PDF
Acid Black 194 PDF PDF
Acid Black 107 PDF
Acid Black 52 PDF PDF
Acid Black 210 PDF PDF
Acid Black 234 PDF PDF
Acid Black 172 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 3 PDF
Acid Yellow 12 PDF
Acid Yellow 17 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 23 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 36 PDF
Acid Yellow 42 PDF
Acid Yellow 73 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 110
Acid Yellow 151 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 194
Acid Yellow 99 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 49
Acid Yellow 29.1
Acid Yellow 34 PDF
Acid Yellow 79
Acid Yellow 127
Acid Yellow 199 PDF PDF
Acid Yellow 220
Acid Orange 8
Acid Orange 7 PDF
Acid Orange 2
Acid Orange 3
Acid Orange 10 PDF PDF
Acid Orange 24 PDF
Acid Orange 51
Acid Orange 56
Acid Orange 67
Acid Orange 74 PDF
Acid Orange 142
Acid Orange 156
Acid Red 1
Acid Red 2 PDF
Acid Red 14. PDF
Acid Red 18 PDF PDF
Acid Red 37
Acid Red 52 PDF
Acid Red 73 PDF
Acid Red 87 PDF
Acid Red 92 PDF
Acid Red 57
Acid Red 88
Acid Red 97
Acid Red 106 PDF
Acid Red 114
Acid Red 119
Acid Red 131
Acid Red 151 PDF
Acid Red 249 PDF
Acid Red 182
Acid Red 183
Acid Red 186
Acid Red 195
Acid Red 254
Acid Red 260
Acid Red 299
Acid Red 357
Acid Red 362 PDF
Acid Red 57
Acid Violet 5
Acid Violet 17 PDF
Acid Violet 43 PDF
Acid Violet 49 PDF PDF
Acid Violet 54 PDF
Acid Violet 90 PDF
Acid Green 16 PDF PDF
Acid Green 25 PDF
Acid Green 111 PDF PDF
Acid Blue 9 PDF
Acid Blue 92 PDF
Acid Blue 113 PDF PDF
Acid Blue 158 PDF
Acid Blue 277 PDF
Acid Blue 193 PDF PDF