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Saujanya manufacturers and exporters in the sectors of pigments, plastic, textile dyes/dyestuff, natural/synthetic food colours and chemical intermediates. We believe in creating a unique image with our customers by providing the highest quality, cost effective products and services.

Lake Colour

The lake colours that we offer are not only used in food based applications but also in other industries including pharmaceuticalscosmeticsinks and plastic containers manufacturing. They are manufactured through a controlled process by precipitating a soluble dye with a metallic salt to give the lake pigment. The lakes are oil dispersible in nature and can therefore be mixed with oils, fats and sugars in industrial processing. Quality is ensured throughout the production process to assure our customers get the best value. We have a wide variety of lake colours including Lake Sunset yellowLake Allura RedLake TartrazineLake brilliant blue FCFLake Erythrosine etc, which are certified for food, drugs and cosmetics use. They may also be dispersed in other carriers such as propylene glycol, glycerin and sucrose.

The lake colours that we manufacture are colour stable and the particles will never move from one part of the product to another. It means the appearance quality of your product remains the same. This makes them best for products with different colour borders as the colours will never intermix. Saujanya Exports is a recognized manufacturer, supplier and exporter of lake colours from India that are highly adaptable, versatile and stable, with a long lasting effect where they have been used. They are also manufactured in different concentrations for different applications.

Colour Name of Product C. I. No. Pure Dye Content
Lake Tartrazine 19140:1 For all Lake Colours Range 12% to 16% 26% to 30% 36% to 40%
Lake Sunset Yellow 15985:1
Lake Carmoisine 14720:1
Lake Ponceau 4R 16255:1
Lake Amaranth 16185:1
Lake Erythrosine 45430:1
Lake Allura Red 40 16035:1
Lake Chocolate Brown HT 20285:1
Lake Indigo Carmine 73015:1
Lake Brilliant alue FCF 42090:1
Lake Quinoline Yellow 47005:1
Lake Black PN 28440:1
Lake Food Green S 44090:1
Lake Patent Blue V 42051:1
Lake Fast Red E 16045:1
Lake Food Red 2G 10050:1
Lake Fast Green FCF 42053:1