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Blended Colours

Blended colours are derived from mixing two or more kinds of colors to achieve the desired color. These food colors are made using two or more water soluble food coloring agents combined in a variety of ways to give different kinds of shades. A high level of care and attention is ensured during the manufacturing process of the colors to guarantee compliance to the food safety standards.

The company offers a wide range of blended colors for various food based applications. They are colors that are used in food, drugs and cosmetics manufacturing. Some of the blended food colors that we manufacture are egg yellow colors, lemon yellow, orange red, black, pink, purple and many other colors. The colors also have special applications in forensic laboratories including helping in the detection of blood stains and pH indicators.

In the confectionary industry the blended colors are used in making of colorful jellies, chewing gums, creams, paste and many more. In the cosmetic and toiletries industry, they are used in making of lipsticks and nail polishes. There is adequate selection of the raw materials and color combinations to achieve the best colors for our clients.

FD&C Yellow 5
FD&C Yellow 6
FD&C Blue 1
FD&C Blue 2
FD&C Red 2
FD&C Red 3
FD&C Red 4
FD&C Red 40
FD&C Green 3
D&C Yellow 10
D&C Yellow 11
D&C Orange 4
D&C Red 22
D&C Red 28
D&C Red 30
D&C Red 33
D&C Green 5
D&C Green 6
D&C Green 8
EGG Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Orange Red
Apple Green
Pea Green
Chocolate Brown
Raspeberry Red
Strawberry Red
Name of the Product C.I. Hue Name C. I. No.
Eosin Y 45380 2321-07-5
Fluorescein Sodium 45350 518-47-8
Methylene Blue 52015 7220-79-3
Ponceau SX 27195 6226-79-5
Phloxine B 45410 18472-87-2
Rose Bengal 45440 632-69-9
Cresol Red -- --
Phenol Red -- --
Safranine O -- --
Methyl Red -- --
Thymol Blue -- --
Packing : 25 Kgs in Open Mouth HDPE Carboys/M.S. Drums - Inside Double Polythelene Bags.

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