Prominence of Pigments Powder in Various Industries

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Pigment powder holds an important place in the various industries such as paint, cosmetic, etc with the huge quantities of the several varieties which can be used for different purposes.
The fine solid particles used in the preparation of paint are known as pigment. They were first extracted from earth or clay and now they are synthesized in laboratories.
There are two types of pigment powder viz.  Organic and Inorganic pigment powder. An organic pigment powder is made up of concentrated loose colours with ingredients while inorganic are made from coal tars and other petrochemicals.

Peculiar Facts about Colours

Food Colors
  1. During Roman times, an emperor alone was allowed to wear robes of purple colour as it indicates symbol of power.
  2. Red colour had a positive connotation in cold countries like Russia throughout history. It became the symbol of communism and socialism during the Russian Revolution in 1907.
  3. This was the significance of the colours in ancient era. Gradually, the demand of pigments increased and it lead to evolution of its manufacturing.
  4. Today, one can witness that each colour has its own importance and unique usage.

The industries in which pigment powder is used are listed below:
Paint Industry

  1. Pigment powder is used in wide scale in paint industry because it is available in varied shades.
  2. The paint industry manufactures paint for miscellaneous application such as construction, rubber, paper, glass, woodwork working, leather, etc.

Cosmetic Industry

  1. It is used for varied purposes in cosmetic industry to impart colour and make it enticing. It is used in hair dyes, lipstick, nail polish shampoo, beauty soaps and many more products.
  2. Talc also known as French chalk is the main ingredient in face powders. It has tinted powders in it which contains either mineral or organic pigments.

Textile Industry

  1. The pigment is processed using chemical compounds to make it usable in textile industry. It is soluble in water.
  2. It can be used in any material of cloth be it cotton, woolen or polyester. It makes the clothes eye-catchy.

Automobile Industry
Have you ever been mesmerized by gazing colour of the car!

  1. Various pigments powder not only enhances the appearance and finishing of the automobiles but also provide a pleasant look.
  2. It also protects the surface serve to protect the surface from corrosion, weathering and helps to hold the paint together.

Some other uses

  1. It is used in making tattoo inks; hence, it is used in tattoo industry.
  2. It is used to make metallic inks which is used in publication printing be it newspaper or novels.
  3. It is used to give metallic finishing to hard wearing such as road markings.
  4. It is used to design attractive packaging materials such as consumer products packaging, beverage containers, gift wraps, and tobacco packaging


One can witness the use of pigment powder is increasing rapidly as it available in plenty of shades and most importantly it is environmental-friendly. It is used in numerous industries as colour i.e. attractiveness matters a lot in any industry.
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