Food Colours and Their Importance in Pharmaceutical Industries

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Food colours made from natural or synthetic substance are mainly used by Pharmaceutical industry for making of various Pharmaceutical products. The most common colours used by Pharmaceutical Company are white, blue, red, yellow, green and brown.  
Colours are basically used in pharmaceutical sector for technical purpose or for providing organoleptic properties. The Organoleptic properties can be defined as the aspects of food or other substances that make it more appealing to the senses of consumers such as sight, smell, taste and touch. Colour is sometimes combined with different flavours likes mango, oranges, strawberry, lemon, mint, herbs etc. which provides taste and smell to the pharmaceutical products. Colours also provide a texture to the pharmaceutical products which makes it differentiable from other products.
Reasons behind the Importance of Colours in Pharmaceutical -

  • Different colour shapes and sizes help to distinguish the one product from other product.
  • Different colours makes easier for the consumer to remember the different products and also helps in avoiding the confusion that arises while consuming them.
  • The patients can expect the taste of any medicine on the basis of the colour of medicines.
  • Nowadays colourful medicines are also helping in advertising of the product too. And on the basis of their colour the medicines can be easily relate to the brand to which it belongs.
  • Colourful medicines are more comfortable to the patients, mainly like children. Children are more attracted towards the different colour and flavour medicines.
  • Colours can also be used to make a preparation of the products more uniform when the various ingredients are used in the formation of any products.
  • Products are easily identifiable by different batches if there is a use of different colour in making each batch.
food colours in pharmaceutical industry

Products Prepared in Pharmaceutical Industry Using Food Colour
There are several product in Pharmaceutical sector that are prepared by using Food Colour are stated below-

  • Film coated Tablets
  • Sugar coated Tablets
  • Directly compressed Tablets
  • Soft & Hard gel capsules
  • Liquid orals
  • Dry Syrups
  • Ointments
  • Gels
  • Mouthwash
Types of Colours for pharmaceutical products

Dyes and pigment are the two type of colorant used in Pharmaceutical industry. Pigments used in the Pharmaceutical industry are oxides, lakes and non-synthetics.
  • Metal Oxides: It mainly comprises of Titanium and Iron Oxides. The main advantages of using this metal oxides are given as follow
  • Wide regulatory acceptability
  • Good chemical and light stability
  • Excellent opacity
  • Low costs
  • Very light batch to batch colour variations
  • Aluminium Lake Colours: Lake Colours are mainly formed by using straight dyes with the precipitants and salts through reactions. Lake colours are insoluble in water and are used in prescribed quantities to protect the contents of the pill from getting affected. The main advantages of using this Lake Colours are given as follow
  • Wide range of bright colours
  • Retain the brightness when mixed together with other substances
  • Non Synthetics: Non synthetic pigments have high acceptability and also have a natural identical claim.

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