Different Dyeing Types Used In Textile Industry

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Dyeing is a sophisticated technique which is widely been used in the textile industry. This is been processed with the combination of water and dyes. There are different types of dyes that are available which includes direct dyes, acid dyes, naphthol dyes, vat dyes etc. Saujanya Exporters provides you with all this type of different dyes which are been used in the textile industry and help you to get the more finishing product with bright colors and shades.

There are two main types of dyes that are nothing but the natural dye and the synthetic dye. Natural dyes are been generally made from plants and minerals, whereas synthetic dyes are been made from coal tar and petroleum.

There are various dyes which are been used in the textile industry having its own properties with different applications:

Acid Dyes: Acid dyes are generally been used for dyeing wool, silk and nylon. They are highly water soluble and light fastness, the dye molecules give a negative charge. Acid Dye is further been classified into three classes as Neutral Acid Dye, Weak Acid Dye, and Strong Acid Dye. Neutral Acid dye has good wet fastness properties as compared to Weak Acid Dye. Strong Acid dye has limited fastness properties. Acid Dyes are anionic in nature and applied from a strongly acidic to neutral pH bath.

Naphthol Dyes: This are the fast dyes which are cheaper than vat dyeing and available at competitive prices. There is a limited range of colors been available and the methods of applications are quite complex as compared to other dyes. Naphthol dyes work good for lighter shade dyeing which has extremely good brightening capacity. Naphthol dyes are insoluble in water and also contains with the water-soluble diluents.

Type of Dyes

Vat Dyes: Vat dye as the word ‘Vat’ means vessels. Among all of the dyes been used this dye has the best fastness properties. This type of dye is kept in a wooden vat as it is having a naturally cooling matter. The Vat dye is further been divided into three sub-stages which are Vating, Dying, and Oxidation. Vat dyes are mainly been used in the cotton fiber for coloring cellulosic fiber. This is mainly used in the production of jeans, denim jeans, and other clothing products.

Direct Dyes: Direct dye is also known as Substantive Dye consists of water-soluble compounds which are taken up directly such as benzidine derivatives. This type of dye is easily available as well as cheap, which can be applied directly in order to yield bright colors. The fastness capability of this dye is generally poor as compared to the other types of dyes been used in the textile industry. Direct dyes are been generally used at homes as well. This type of dye is generally been applied to rayon, silk, and wools to give bright shades.
Considering the chemical properties of different dyes used in the textile industry, At Saujanya Exports, we provide the best dyes for giving your product good and bright shades.

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